the spinning wheel

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The old saltbox house that is now The Spinning Wheel dates back to 1742. It reflects the simplicity of early Connecticut architecture with its four rooms built around a great stone hearth. After a fire destroyed parts of the main house in 1948, the building was authentically rebuilt using reclaimed timbers from several old barns.

The old house served many functions before it was transformed into a restaurant. For a time, the house was the center of operations for a boot and shoemaking trade and later as a stagecoach depot. As passengers waited, they were encouraged to warm themselves by the hearth in the old kitchen. The lumbering old stagecoach, drawn by four horses, plied its way between Danbury and Norwalk three times per week, faithfully carrying mail and road-weary passengers.

Time passed and the property changed hands several times until Elaine Tottle and her son William Tottle purchased the building. On May 5, 1925 they opened the Spinning Wheel as a place for travelers and locals to stop and have a hot meal and lively conversation. With the invention of the automobile, towns like Redding and destinations like The Spinning Wheel became a getaway for city dwellers to relax and enjoy the Connecticut countryside.

And now, nearly three centuries after first opening its doors, the Rountos family has restored The Spinning Wheel to reflect its original rustic charm and beauty. Anthony, Christopher, and Steven welcome both neighbors and travelers to once again sit by the fireplace and enjoy our great food, great atmosphere and great company.

109 black rock turnpike, redding, ct
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